Quality Control

Why Choose Us

Public Knowledge takes pride in ensuring that we deliver quality research to our clients.


Public Knowledge is a division of Dipsticks Research Ltd, an MRS Company Partner. All MRS Company Partners and their employees adhere to the MRS Code of Conduct and MRS Company Partner Quality Commitment when undertaking research. The company is also listed in the Market Research Buyer’s Guide.

We were awarded the quality standard BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 on 16th April 2002 and have been awarded it every subsequent year. We have also been awarded the Investors in People accreditation and are currently working towards the market research specific quality standard ISO 20252.


In-House Operation

We operate independently with our own Research Associates and do not sub-contract work, which means we are able to manage our workload and resources effectively. We accommodate all data input, data processing, analysis and report writing services in-house, so we retain full control of the entire project from start to finish.

Project Management

Project progress is closely monitored by our team and supervisors are experienced market researchers who undergo continuous training and assessment. All projects undertaken at Public Knowledge are overseen by the co-founder and Managing Director, Fiona Raglan and projects are reviewed by all team members in a weekly project summary meeting. This meeting brings together all researchers, managers and fieldwork staff and enables us to fully review project progress and resolve any issues which may have arisen. The meeting also ensures that there is more than one individual with an understanding of the project in case of staff absence and allows us to pool the extensive knowledge and experience we have throughout the company as a whole to the benefit of each individual project and client.

Fieldwork Processes

In order to further maintain our quality standards, all fieldwork undertaken at Public Knowledge undergoes stringent quality checking in accordance with the MRS code of conduct and ISO regulations.

Street interviews are verified using random back checking processes and all data input is checked for accuracy internally. We also monitor a proportion of telephone interviews undertaken to ensure quality. Street and telephone interviews undergo continuous training and assessment and we operate a zero tolerance policy. Online and telephone projects are also soft launched to ensure that there are no issues.

IT Back-Up

We have an experienced IT team who are proficient in minimising IT issues and quickly rectifying any issues that do arise. Our office runs multiple servers and data backup procedures ensure the availability of resources.

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and we believe your feedback is vital. We periodically commission an independent external party to conduct research to gather client feedback and to strive for continuous improvement.

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